This is Roots Abroad

Hi there! We’re Frédérique & Moritz, a curious adventure-seeking couple that loves discovering new cultures and creating beautiful content together. It was from our shared passion for exploring, photography and sharing our travel experiences that Roots Abroad was born.

Our Story

We met each other while abroad on the other side of the world, in China. During that adventure, we were creating the kind of memories we would love to tell our grandkids one day. That’s when we realized we wanted more like that. Coming from different countries, we loved introducing each other to our cultures and discovering places together close to home. Now with the world opening up again, we can’t wait to spread our wings to faraway places.

We will take you along our travels to the most stunning locations worldwide and collect the best tips for each destination in practical articles on our website. From a city trip in Germany to exploring temples in Myanmar, from ancient places in China to a breathtaking backpacking trip in Sri Lanka.
We hope to inspire you to take a leap of faith, book that trip of your dreams, and make memories for a lifetime. We believe traveling enriches every life by immersing yourself in other cultures. It broadens the mind and forces you to get out of your comfort zone.

Maybe you have no idea where to start, and that’s where we come in by creating extensive travel guides, practical tips, and ready-to-go itineraries that you can easily use on your trip or take inspiration from. On Roots Abroad, you can find guides for adventurous backpacking trips, active city trips with must-see sights, beautiful hiking trails, and authentic experiences.

Our ultimate goal is to spark your curiosity for travel with our destination-based content & photography to go out on your own journey and enjoy this beautiful world.

Roots Abroad About Us & Frédérique


The girl with constant cravings for outdoor adventure, local street food, and a cup of coffee.

Hi there, my name is Frédérique, a Belgian girl with a digital marketing background and a passion for experiencing new cultures, hiking through mountains, trying out new cuisines, and everything else that this mind-blowing world has to offer. I’m all about self-improvement, slow travel, and capturing memories with my Canon. …And yes you will spot the occasional Belgian chocolate, waffles, and fries from time to time.

I hope I may inspire you along the way, showing you that it’s never too late to change the gears of your life journey. Pause, take a deep breath, and choose a different journey, wherever that path might lead you!


Hey everyone, I’m Moritz! Coming from a small place in the deep south of Bavaria, Germany, I was always intrigued by big cities and far away places. After reading a book as a child I was intrigued by the landscape of the USA. Later it was Bruce Lee and Martial Arts, which started a fascination for the other side of the world: Asia.

Over the last years, I developed a huge love for the outdoors, hiking, but also enjoying big city vibes. While studying “International Relations and Management”, my curiosity for foreign cultures and travel grew more and more. I can’t wait to take you all on our next adventure and tempt you to do the same. I do believe travel helps you find your true self and become who you always wanted to be.

Roots Abroad About Us Moritz

“One advice for younger ones, TRAVEL, Your money will return, Your time wont”