Austria is a country known for its outstanding natural beauty with its pristine lakes and impressive mountain ranges. In between the urban areas, you can find the ideal getaways from the city to unwind. The Zell am See Kaprun region is one of those perfect destinations for a 3-day hiking trip. This place has so much to offer all year round, in winter it’s a true skiing paradise, whereas in summer it attracts many hiking enthusiasts. There are countless hiking trails in the area with insanely beautiful scenery surrounded by snow-peaked mountains and intense turquoise-colored lakes. You will be completely enchanted by the panoramic views that the Kaprun Valley has to offer. From the mystical Sigmund Thun gorge to the idyllic Klammsee, from the staggering high mountain reservoirs to the cool summit view at the Kitzsteinhorn glacier.

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How to get to Kaprun in Austria - Hiking trip in summer

Kaprun Hiking | Amazing 3-day summer trip in Austria

Kaprun has something to offer for everyone, whether it’s a romantic getaway, an adventurous trip with friends, or an active family holiday. And not to forget some insanely good comfort food! If you are not sure where to start in planning a trip to Kaprun, then our 3-day hiking trip guide is here to help. This travel guide contains all the essential travel information you need for the most impressive sights that Kaprun has to offer. We provide you with a full itinerary that you can use as a source of inspiration for planning your next outdoor adventure. With useful tips and our personal recommendations for where to stay and eat. After this getaway into nature, you will surely feel recharged!

Where is Kaprun located and how to get there?

Kaprun is a lovely alpine village located in the Zell am See district of Austria. The place is mostly known as a popular ski resort for the Kitzsteinhorn during winter. However, for hiking enthusiasts, the Kaprun area is also just perfect in summer with its blue-green lakes and beautiful nature.

If you are flying into Austria, the closest airports would be Salzburg or Innsbruck. The easiest way to get around Austria is by car, so renting one is a good idea. There are car rental agencies located at the airport as well in the cities. 

BOOK A RENTAL CAR | We recommend booking a rental car well in advance definitely during peak seasons. This way you can also get the best deals.

Hiking up to the Kaprun High Mountain Reservoirs with it intense blue colored water

By car, Zell am See is located around 1,5 hours away from Salzburg (SZG). If you arrive from Innsbruck (INN) it will take you around 2 hours of travel time. Vienna (VIE) is a bit further away and will already take up to 4,5 hours. We came from the direction of Munich (MUC) in Germany, which takes almost 2,5 hours by car. Good to know that you can get to Kaprun without buying a vignette. You will need to leave the Autobahn shortly before the border to Austria, at Oberaudorf. 

If you prefer to travel by train instead of a car, there are many excellent train connections from many Austrian cities to Zell am See. There is a train station located right in the city center, from which you can take the bus to Kaprun. Getting around Kaprun itself is easy during summer and skiing season, with local buses servicing the local slopes. In shoulder season it’s more recommended to have a (rental) car since buses drive less frequently.

Perfect hiking trip in Kaprun to the Sigmund Thun Klamm and Klammsee

The Perfect Hiking Trip in Kaprun – Day 1

It was around noon by the time we arrived in Kaprun at our Bed & Breakfast. After freshening up and unpacking, we decided to head out for the Sigmund- Thun Klamm (Gorge). Since it was our first day we wanted to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with easy hiking and hanging out around the lake. Accompanied by nice temperatures and a sunny sky, we started our walk toward the Sigmund Thun Gorge. Our hotel was located more towards the end of the town, making the way up to the gorge not far at all.

The Sigmund Thun Gorge is one of the most popular hiking activities in Zell am See-Kaprun. It’s especially beloved among families, as it is very safe for children to visit as well. The trail starts through the gorge, all the way leading to the shimmering turquoise Klammsee Lake. From there you can continue to the Kaprun Cable station which takes you up to the Mooserboden reservoir. Since the hike goes in the direction of the reservoirs (see day 2), you can easily combine these two activities in one day. 

Sigmund-Thun Klamm

The narrow 320m long gorge was formed 14.000 years ago when the glacier melted that once covered the Kaprun Valley.  More than 30 meters deep, the glacier water carved its way through the valley. With all its power the Kapruner Arche River formed the gorge that we know today into the hard limestone rocks.

It was only in 1890 that a path through the gorge was created leading to the Mooserboden reservoir. It was Nikolaus Gassner, a Kaprun pioneer, that first created the path. 3 years later Nicholas Gassion designed the 340-meter-long raised wooden path, making it easier to pass through. The Klamm was named after the governor of Salzburg at that time, Sigmund Graf von Thun. During WWII the natural monument got closed off from the public and was only reopened for tourism back in 1992.

Practical Information

Our bed& breakfast was located in Kaprun quite close to the Klamm, so we decided to walk. As the town of Kaprun isn’t too big, most of it is within walking distance anyway. In case you are coming directly with the car, there are several parking lots near the Klamm. There is one right in front of the entrance, at the crossing of Kesselfallstrasse and Klammweg, which is free. See the location here. The gorge is around 15 minutes away from Zell am See and is also reachable with bus 660 (see timetable here).

LOCATION TICKET OFFICE | Krafthausstraße 20, 5710 Kaprun

OPENING HOURS | The Sigmund-Thun Gorge is open from 21 May – 30 September, Daily from 8.30 am – 5 pm; in July and August even until 7 pm; in October from 10 am – 3 pm.

ENTRANCE FEE | Adults: € 6.5, Children (6-15years): € 4.40, Family ticket (2 adults & children up to 15yrs): € 15

TIP | If you have a Zell am See-Kaprun Summer Card admission to this attraction is free.

Entrance bridge to the Sigmund Thun Klamm with a beautiful view on the gorge

Hiking through the Sigmund Thun Klamm in Kaprun

After getting your entrance ticket, the scenic hike through Kaprun’s beautifully naturally shaped ravine takes off. The Sigmund Thun Klamm might not be the biggest gorge in Austria, but it’s an absolutely breathtaking and refreshing experience. Definitely, if you have never been to one before. The tumultuous wild water roars intensely between the rocks and it has this stunning icy blue color. A path of robust wooden stairs will lead you up and down through the sometimes narrow gorge. At times it gets so narrow that the rocky walls almost surround you and you can just feel the freshness coming off them. Once in a while, you will pass through a curtain of raindrops dripping from an overhanging rock formation, while surpassing small foaming waterfalls. Refreshing on a hot summer day, since the gorge always remains rather cool and you might indeed even get wet! 

TIP | Make sure to bring extra layers like a sweater or rain jacket, since inside the gorge it’s always cooler. 

You will cross over a few bridges that give you the perfect viewing platform into the narrow gorge and its natural spectacle. These viewpoints are ideal to snatch some nice pictures for those who like photography or to take a family selfie. Careful with your camera though, at some points, it gets rather wet. Don’t forget to once in a while look up to admire the overgrowing nature on the out sticking cliffs. At some points, the steep rock faces rise to 30 meters high.

At the end of the hike, you will cross a final bridge from where you can admire the massive Sigmund Thun waterfall. On the other side of the bridge is a small viewing platform before you leave the gorge. From there you can reach the picturesque turquoise-blue Klammsee lake, which is the perfect spot to hang out for the rest of the afternoon or even have a picnic.

perfect viewing platform from the many bridges in the Sigmund Thun Klamm Gorge in Kaprun

Accessibility to the gorge

It is perfectly possible to visit the Sigmund Thun Gorge in all kinds of weather situations. When it’s raining or cloudy, the gorge gets a more mystical vibe with fog and vaped water coming up. So even with less favorable weather, you can still visit this activity. Also, since the wooden path through the gorge is steady and secure, and isn’t too long with its 320m, the route is suitable for children or less mobile people. The hike is relatively easy since it’s just partly stairs. 

Spend the day at the Sigmund Thun Gorge and Klammsee lake in Kaprun

Duration of the hike

Your visit to the gorge takes all in all up to 20 minutes, depending on how fast you rush through it. Nevertheless, it’s enough to enjoy the ambiance of this natural wonder and the tranquility of the flowing water. Note that the wooden track through the gorge is one way only. If you decide to not proceed to the Klammsee, there is another road to get back to your car at the end of the gorge. You will be going through a forest path and passing over the Sigmund Thun Gorge on a steel bridge, giving you one last epic view.

Count in another 30 to 40 minutes to go around the lake, but that’s without breaks or taking the time to soak in the surroundings. We would suggest planning in half a day to leisurely enjoy both the Sigmund Thun Klamm and Klammsee.

Special Summer Events

During the summer months, you can hike through a magically illuminated Sigmund Thun Gorge at dusk. You will experience the roaring water and fascinating rock formations set in colorful lights during this enchanting festival. The walk is supposed to be a mystical and unforgettable experience for both young and old. For more information on timings, prices, and online booking, check the following website.

The Klammsee Lake

the intense turquoise-colored Klammsee with green mountain tops in the back in Kaprun

Once you pass the veil of water at the dam, you can leave the gorge through a gate on the right side. Instantly you will be rewarded with an amazing view over the intense turquoise-colored Klammsee. The lake’s glittering green-blue colors stick out beautifully from the green mountain tops in the back. Almost like a real-life painting, it’s absolutely worth hiking around. From here there are two routes you can follow. Both the circular Klammsee hike and the Schneckenreith hike are family-friendly hikes

The stunning intens blue colored Klammsee lake in Kaprun Austria

The Klammsee trail

The first one is a circular route around the lake. As the lake isn’t that huge, only 1.8km, you could do the whole Klammsee trail in around 40 minutes. The path is not challenging, but rather a cozy walk around the lake. Along the way, you will spot several openings towards the water where you can take a seat in the grass. Dip your toes in the cooling water while enjoying a picnic. This all while soaking up the beautiful surroundings of the mountains and the glacier in the background. The sun creates picture-perfect reflections of the backdrops on the emerald-green lake. If you want you can just spend hours here. Precisely what we did the rest of the afternoon.

Enjoy a break or picnic on the side of the Klammsee lake with its turquoise water in Kaprun

Please note though that you cannot swim in the Klammsee. The underwater streams can be very strong and dangerous given that it’s a reservoir lake.

Hiking up to the Schneckenreith Alpine Hut in Kaprun with traditional Austrian Farm

Hiking up to the Schneckenreith Alpine Hut in Kaprun

Another option after exiting the gorge is taking the forest track on your right, up to the alpine hut Schneckenreith. You will see a wooden sign pointing you to “Schneckenreith“.  A little adventure up in the hills, that ends with some delicious homemade cheese, bacon, and butter waiting for you. You will encounter two small streams and after a small trail, end up in the meadows of the farm. This traditional Austrian Farm offers all kinds of homemade products. Try out a glass of fresh cold buttermilk with a piece of delicious homemade cake. If you order a Jausern platter you can sample their cheese and bacon. While enjoying your delicious snacks on the farm’s terrace you are treated to some amazing views down on the Klammsee and its surroundings.

After your small break at the Alm, you head further back down into the valley. The road down will bring you back to the Klammsee, from where you can enjoy a nice walk along the lake.

the view of the Klammsee and its surrounding mountains on top of the Bürgkogel viewpoint in Kaprun Austria

Hiking up to the Bürgkogel viewpoint in Kaprun

Once you finished the circular route around the Klammsee you have the option of taking the forest path straight back to the parking lot. This way you will pass over the Klamm again on a steel bridge that gives you one last epic look. However, we decided to follow the sign pointing at Bürgkogelsteig. So happy we did because Bürgkogel turned out to be an amazing viewpoint of the Klammsee. This little hike up might have been a bit more challenging, at some points quite steep and not really secure. A good hiking shoe is recommended for going up to this viewpoint. 

Enjoying the view of the Klammsee on top of the Bürgkogel viewpoint in Kaprun Austria

Reaching the top will take around 10 to 15 minutes after a small hike, which is oh-so worth it! There is a bench at the top where you can catch your breath. While up here, revel in the magnificent panoramic views of the Klammsee. Not that many people take this hike up, so chances are you will be here all by yourself. The descent is on the other side of the Bürgkogel, which gives you a great view of Kaprun itself.  The hiking trail goes through the forest, which can get a bit muddy and slippery, so watch your step.  

The Perfect Hiking Trip in Kaprun – Day 2

The perfect hiking trip in kaprun to the high mountain reservoirs

On our second-day hiking in Kaprun, we decided to have an early morning to head out and explore the high-mountain reservoirs in Kaprun. After enjoying a wonderful breakfast at our bed breakfast with a view over the mountain meadows, we were ready to start the day. In the afternoon we had planned to check out the Maiskolfbahn in town, after which we had a perfect ending to the day at the Tauernspa.

The high mountain reservoirs where you can walk along the dam in Kaprun

The High Mountain Reservoirs

The Kaprun high mountain reservoirs are located at an astounding altitude of 2000 meters by the end of the valley. Their main task is to supply the region with electricity, but during the summer months, the power plant is also a popular tourist attraction. Surrounded by incredible snow-capped mountain peaks, the two intense turquoise-blue reservoirs are an impressive sight and an absolute must-see when in Kaprun. As a hiking lover, you will find some stunning trails up here, but you can also visit for just a leisurely walk along the dam. 

The staggering dam wall at the Moserboden is 107 meters high and almost 500 meters long, providing a beautiful panoramic view of its surroundings. You can reach the Mooserboden and Wasserfallboden reservoirs with Europe’s largest open slant lift

how to get to the Kaprun high mountain reservoirs

Practical Information

It is not possible to drive directly by car to the Kaprun Stauseen. You will have to park your car at the “Kaprun Stauseen” multi-story car park first, which is free (see location here). From here a shuttle bus will take you up to the Stausee. A good tip is to park at the top since the ticket offices for the shuttle bus are in that direction. Buses run quite regularly, without any specific travel times though. They usually leave when they are filled enough.

LOCATION |  Kesselfallstraße 98, 5710 Kaprun

OPENING HOURS |  From 25 May-15 October, every day from 8.10 am – 4.45 pm, note that the last ride up the mountain goes at 3.30 pm. During the winter months, the ascent to the high mountain reservoirs is not possible.

ENTRY FEE | Round trip-Adults: € 26.00, Children: (up to 5y) free, Children (6 -15 y) € 14.00, Family ticket: € 66.00, Family ticket including dam tour: € 81.50, Dogs: € 6.00. One way – Adults € 13.50, Children € 7.00, Dogs: €3.00

TIP | If you have a Zell am See-Kaprun Summer Card admission to this attraction is free.

Walking on the dam of the high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun Austria

Difficulty & Duration

We suggest counting on at least 4 hours to enjoy the unique views of the Stausee. This would give you enough time to walk over the dam, go on the herb hike to the Fürthermoar Alm on the one side and climb the Hohenburg next to the dam wall. I would say these are quite easy to do. 

Visiting the high mountain reservoirs itself is suitable for persons with reduced mobility. However, the guided dam tour and hiking the surroundings is not recommended for people with limited mobility.

Hiking up to the Kaprun High Mountain Reservoirs

Hiking up to the Kaprun High Mountain Reservoirs

After parking your car, you will have to pass by the ticket office for the ascent to the reservoirs (also with your summer card). From there you hop on the shuttle bus which will take you to a middle platform. Here you transfer to this fun open slant lift, the largest open lift in Europe, which takes you up on a 431 incline in a matter of minutes. The Lärchenwand inclined lift can hold up to 200 people, and until 2007 it was the only way to get up to the reservoirs. 

two intense turquoise blue reservoirs surrounding by green hills and snow capped mountain peaks in Kaprun

Once up at the mountain station, you will need to board another shuttle bus directly to the reservoir. The whole trip takes around 45 minutes and lets you pass through multiple road tunnels within the beautiful mountain landscape. Shortly before arrival, you will already be treated to some brilliant views of the Wasserfallboden reservoir and its surrounding mountain peaks. 

TIP | Take a seat on the left-hand side of the bus, so you can marvel outside the window on your drive up.

panoramic viewing platform at the high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun Austria

Snowy mountains tops, glaciers, and turquoise blue lakes

The moment you arrive you will not know where to look first, believe me! The views are incredibly beautiful, with vivid blues and greens sticking out against the snowy white mountains. After leaving the bus you already have a panoramic viewing platform over the lower reservoir. You will instantly notice that at this altitude temperatures are way cooler than in the valley, ergo don’t forget to pack a jacket. From the platform, you can head over to the dam bridge to feast your eyes on the dramatic landscape and start exploring. The water of the Mooserboden reservoir has this intense turquoise color, which gives a beautiful shimmering effect when the sun is hitting. The contrast of the glaciated mountain peaks and green meadows just makes it all look like a painting.

guided tour of the dam at the high mountain reservoirs Kaprun

Activities for every type of visitor

Besides the impressive views of the dam, there are many activities to partake in. You can take a guided tour of the dam, during which you learn more about the history of the construction. Tickets cost €6 a person and can be purchased right from the mountain restaurant. New tours start every 45 minutes. The tour will take you on a look behind the scenes at the power generation of the dam and its technology. Meaning, that you will even go inside the dam wall! There is also a glacier museum for those who want to learn more about the reservoirs.

via Ferrata on the 107-meter-high dam wall at the high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun

If you are more of an adrenaline fan, then the highest via Ferrata on the 107-meter-high dam wall might be the perfect challenge for you. It is possible to borrow gear on-site. Experienced mountaineers can even climb the Große Wiesbachhorn (3,564 m) from the reservoirs, which are visible from the dam.

the herbal nature trail with a typical Austrian alm at the high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun

You can further opt to take a more leisurely hike like the herbal nature trail which takes you through the flora and fauna of the Stausee up to the Fürthermoar Alm. The trail starts next to the bus station at Mooserboden and goes downhill towards the Wasserfallboden reservoir. Depending on how fast you go you need around 30 minutes. The herbal nature trail comes to an end at the rustic Fürthermoaralm where you can take a break. Here you should try out some traditional homemade specialties, often made from the herbs of the garden. (Note: the Alm is temporarily closed due to a fire on July 23, 2021, during which it got destroyed).

Hiking around the high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun

Brilliant views from the panoramic Hohenburg hill

For the best bird’s eye views of the imposing dam with the two lakes, head over to Hohenburg next to the dam wall. This is located on the other side of the dam and involves a small climb up. The hike up to the upper viewpoint takes around 15 minutes without breaks. However, we took our sweet time. Every few meters up you get another beautiful angle of the lake. I think it took us forever to get to the top since we made a stop every few minutes to admire the enchanting lake. We were absolutely blown away by the views.

the Höhenburg summit cross at the high mountain reservoirs Kaprun

The route is fairly easy but might get quite narrow and steep at some points, so make sure to watch your step and wear some sturdy shoes. At the end of the hike, you will reach the “Höhenburg” summit cross, which stands at 2,108 meters. From here you can see the two dam walls very nicely, on the left you have the Drossensperre, and on the right the Moosersperre.

Once you are done exploring, hop back on the bus next to the Alm towards the valley.

best bird’s eye views of the imposing dam from the Hohenburg Hill

TIP | Make sure to check the weather forecast before visiting the Mooserboden reservoirs. Because on an overcast day, the clouds will cover everything and all you will see is a grey curtain.

Hiking the Maiskogel forest route in Kaprun

If you still have the energy, take the Maiskogel forest route in the afternoon. This lovely hiking adventure will take you through the forests, and up to the local mountain of Kaprun. In the end, you find the Maiskogel Alm Ranch, where you can relax and have some nice food and refreshing drinks. For the kids, there is even a petting zoo. The starting point of the trail is located across from the city center bus stop. Along the road, you will pass by typical Austrian farms, green mountain meadows, and forest land. If you don’t feel like hiking up or down, you can also take the Maiskogelbahn gondolas.

Hiking the Maiskogel forest route in Kaprun

This trajectory is very doable for kids, so it could be the perfect family hike. The Maiskogel Mountain offers many activities for families with kids such as slides, bouncy castles, a Kettcar track, and so much more. A fun way to go downhill from the Maiskogel is by taking the Alpine Coaster Maisi Flitzer, an all-year toboggan run.

End the day at the Tauernspa

After a day full of hiking in Kaprun, it’s time to unwind at the beautiful thermal baths of Tauernspa. Rejuvenate in the warm water of the outdoor brine pool while enjoying the views of the surrounding mountains. The complex is massive and they have many amazing facilities. Next to a large pool area, there are dozen different types of saunas, and you could enjoy a spa treatment or massage. For more information and bookings, check out their website here.

The Perfect Hiking Trip in Kaprun – Day 3

The perfect hiking trip in Kaprun at The Kitzsteinhorn Glacier

On our last day, we opted for the Kitzsteinhorn summit, which is a popular mountain hike in the Glockner group near Kaprun. The Kitzsteinhorn is known for its breathtaking viewing platform, located at 3000 meters above sea level. Even in summer, the glacier is fully covered in snow. To be honest it’s quite a special experience walking in the snow in the middle of summer. 

Visiting the The Kitzsteinhorn Glacier at Kaprun Austria

The Kitzsteinhorn Glacier

The Kitzsteinhorn’s slopes hold no secrets amongst skiers. But did you know that even in summer this mountain is a popular tourist sight? The mountain offers some amazing panoramic views from a platform located over 3000 meters above sea level. It’s supposed to be the highest point in the county of Salzburg, comfortably accessible for everyone. From on top of Salzburg’s highest point, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of Kaprun’s valley. The giant is located right on the border of the Hohe Tauern National Park, home to some of Austria’s highest mountains and glaciers. At the Gipfelwelt 3000, you will experience all the grandeur of the high alpine nature. 

How to get to the The Kitzsteinhorn Glacier in Kaprun

Practical information

The Kitzsteinhorn can only be reached by cable cars. You can park your car at the Kitzsteinhorn car park, which is free, see the location here. From here you will jump on your first cable car, the Gletscherjet.

LOCATION | Kesselfallstraße 60, 5710 Kaprun

OPENING HOURS | opened all year round, daily from 08.15 am to 4.30 pm

ENTRANCE FEE SUMMER | Adults: €49.50 Children: €24.50 Youth: €37.00 Guest card €46.50

TIP | If you have a Zell am See-Kaprun Summer Card admission to this attraction is free.

Getting to the summit of The Kitzsteinhorn Glacier in Kaprun

Taking off to the summit station of the Kitzsteinhorn

With the cable car, you will be able to reach an altitude of 3000 meters. It takes three different kinds of gondolas to reach the top. At every stop, you have to decide whether or not to go hiking. We decided to first go all the way to the top. From the perspective of the cable cars, you’ll see the landscape changing underneath you. From lush green forest to rocky almost desert-like land to white and icy-covered snowfields.

Enjoying the views at The ‘Top of Salzburg’ viewing platform in Kaprun

Once at the Kitzsteinhorn summit station, you can just feel the difference in temperature with the valley. What a funny feeling to be experiencing winter during summertime. When you exit the Alpincenter, head first straight for The Gipfelbahn to get to the main vantage point. The ‘Top of Salzburg’ viewpoint gives you jaw-dropping views over the snowy mountain world. The Gipfelbahn runs every six minutes or so at peak times and has room for up to 60 people.

an endless see of snow-covered mountains from the viewing platform at the Kitzsteinhorn summit

The ‘Top of Salzburg’ viewing platform is located on the 3rd floor of the station, which can be reached via stairs or by elevator. Here you have the famous photo spot with the ‘3029m – Top of Salzburg’ sign. There is a permanently installed camera with a big black button to take your picture with the mountain backdrop. As to be expected there can be quite an amount of people awaiting their turn to pose for a picture. (Download your picture afterward on the website ). Nonetheless, there is enough room to stand for a while and take in the surrounding beauty. All the way up here, you can spot an endless sea of snow-covered mountains, among them the Großglockner, Austria’s highest mountain.

Viewing platform at The Summit World 3000 exploration tour on top of the Kitzsteinhorn summit

The Summit World 3000 exploration tour

The Top of Salzburg viewing platform is not the only highlight at the Kitzsteinhorn summit. There is a second one, The National Park Gallery, which is even more exciting. This one can only be reached by taking the mystical ‘underground’ 360m long tunnel that runs through the mountain. Throughout the tunnel, you pass by several information stations about the history of the glacier and the Hohe Tauern National Park. The tunnel must have been the coldest place up here, with an icy gush of wind coming our way. In the end, you finally reach the unique platform that sticks out from the building. In a photo, it might almost look like you are standing alone in the middle of all these impressive mountains. Well, you got to have a good photographer for that, you will have to use your imagination on ours. :p 

going down from the viewing platform at the Kitzsteinhorn to the ice arena

Once you are done admiring the white shiny glaciers, descend from here to the Ice Arena on an adventurous path. I would say this one is more intermediate to take and you definitely need some good hiking shoes if you don’t want to slip. The path down (or up depending on your route) isn’t that dangerous though since the trail has these ropes that lead you down. I suggest holding on to them and watching your step, still, be cautious you are after all on a mountain. Once at the bottom, your feet will hit the snow at the Ice Arena. This is a summer slide, perfect for children to hang out and have some fun.

The Häuslalm trail at 2.000 meters above sea level

Beautiful natural landschape and mountains around the The Häuslalm trail at 2.000 meters above sea level in Kaprun

After fully exploring what the Kitzsteinhorn Summit and its viewing platforms had to offer, we headed back down. However, we decided to jump off at the Häuslalm station, to do a short round-trip hike at an altitude of 2000 meters. The route goes through slightly hilly terrain, it’s fairly easy to do for everyone. You will pass by some lush alpine meadows and a beautiful stream. We decided to pick a spot to have a little picnic while enjoying the beautiful natural landscape around us.

End the day with a boat tour at Zell am See

If you still have time to spare on your last day, we suggest heading over to Zell Am See. Known for its panoramic views of the blue lake with a mountainous landscape, Zell Am See is a popular summer family destination. It’s the perfect spot to relax at the end of the day during a boat trip.

Panorama boat tour on the lake at Zell am See

Every hour the MS Schmittenhöhe “Panorama boat tour” takes off for a round around the lake. Sit back, relax, and order a drink while marveling at the alpine landscape and the old historical town for the coming 45 minutes. Find all information regarding prices and tours here. If you want to explore the lake by yourself, there are also pedal boat rentals at the lake.

Best time to visit Austria 

Like most central European countries, Austria experiences each of the four seasons. So the best time to visit depends on the type of holiday you want to experience. For a skiing holiday, obviously, the winter months with the most snowfall will be optimal (between December and early April). Since we wanted to enjoy a warmer climate for hiking in Kaprun, the end of spring until autumn would be the best choice. The peak travel season for Kaprun is during the summer months, from July to August. Temperatures are at their hottest and go up to around 30° C. Always keep in mind that temperatures differ heavily depending on the area and altitude. So expect temperatures to fluctuate when you go up in the mountains and be prepared to pack accordingly.

Best time to go hiking in Austria

Sights like the Sigmund Thun Klamm and the reservoirs are always popular among tourists, this is why peak season and weekends are best to be avoided. If you want to avoid the big family crowds during summer, the best time to visit Kaprun and Austria, in general, would be the shoulder seasons. This means late spring (May & June) and September to October. Temperatures are more comfortable and it will be easier to find accommodation. We also suggest checking the weather forecast right before your trip and adapting your itinerary depending on that. You don’t want to visit the High mountain reservations with bad weather, since you might only see a grey-white curtain.

Travel essentials for hiking in Kaprun

Zell Am See - Kaprun Summer Card

Zell Am See – Kaprun Summer Card

When traveling to Kaprun and Zell Am See during the summer, we advise you to book accommodation that offers the Summer Card. You will be able to enjoy unbeatable advantages during your holiday thanks to this card and entrance to the most important attractions are for FREE. Upon arrival at your participating accommodation, you will receive the card (between 15 May and 31 October). Keep in mind that this summer card is not available for purchase, you can only get it by booking one of the participating accommodations. But while on you will see that most hotels in Kaprun have this included anyways.

All mentioned activities in this Kaprun hiking guide are for FREE thanks to this summer card. Except for the Tauerenspa, as a partner of the summer card, you can enjoy some discounts there. Last but not least the card also allows you to use public transport free of charge. So when booking accommodation it’s worth keeping an eye on this Summer Card since it will save you a lot of money, especially if you have kids!

TIP | Book an accommodation at Kaprun that offers the Zell Am See – Kaprun Summer Card and benefits from all included advantages. For more info check out the website HERE

Travel essentials what to pack and bring for hiking in Kaprun Austria

What to pack & bring on your hiking trip in Kaprun?

Good preparation is important when you go hiking in the mountains. We advise you to at least bring the following for your summer hiking trip in Kaprun:

Weather-appropriate clothing | Weather in the mountains is notorious for changing quickly, so make sure to bring multiple layers. A lightweight The North Face rain jacket always comes in handy for unexpected rain when going to the mountains. 

Sun protection | Always bring sunscreen, a hat, and some sunglasses. The sun at the alpine altitude is much stronger than at sea level. As a sunscreen for the face we can recommend Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Lotion, and for the body Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion, both are oil-free, water-resistant, and reef friendly. 

Descent hiking shoes | While hiking in mountainous areas it’s really important that you are wearing suitable footwear. Especially if you lack experience and expect rougher terrain, it is necessary to wear shoes that give you extra support, grip, and stability on difficult surfaces such as pebbles and gravel. For men, we can advise the Salomon Men’s X Ultra 4 Mid GTX Hiking shoe. For women the Salomon Women’s Supercross GTX W Hiking Shoes. Both models are waterproof thanks to their GORE-TEX membrane, for which you will be very thankful when you end up in a rain shower or walk through a wet Klamm. We personally like wearing lightweight hiking socks and can recommend the good quality Falke

Daypack | As a backpack to store your extra layers, sun protection, water, and some snacks we love the light daypacks from Deuter. We also use their bigger model ‘Deuter Giga’ if we need to bring more stuff like a laptop.

Not allowed:

  • Drones: Check regulations upfront for your specific drone model and the area. (Foremost nature reserves)
  • Fishing & Swimming in the Klammsee and High Mountain reservoirs.

Where to eat in Kaprun?

On our 3-day hiking trip to Kaprun, we found the following two restaurants that we can highly recommend. As we went in August, high season, we did make reservations upfront to be sure to have a table. We suggest you do the same for the high season in case you badly want to go to a certain place and don’t want to miss out on a table there:

Gastwirtschaft Tafern: We absolutely loved this restaurant, the food was fantastic, and the service excellent. We opted for the Wiener Schnitzel and homemade truffle tagliatelle, and both dishes were simply delicious. We had a wonderful evening on their terrace and would gladly go there again. Since we visited in summer we wanted to eat outside, but also the interior inside is just so cozy.

Kaiserschmarrn for dessert at Dorfkrug Kaprun Restaurant in Kaprun Austria

Dorfkrug Kaprun Restaurant: Super delicious food in this beautiful restaurant! Their Kaiserschmarrn were the best, we almost ordered a second plate if we haven’t been so full already. This one was conveniently located close to our bed & breakfast. The service here was really nice even though the evening was particularly busy. Their terrace was very cozy in the evening and the inside has that typical Austrian interior, which we love!

Where to stay when hiking in Kaprun?

For our 3-day hiking trip to Kaprun, we booked at Pension Jaga Hias. A very nice pension located only a 5-minute walk away from the village center and close to a variety of restaurants. Their cozy rooms are spacious and traditionally furnished and even come with a private balcony overlooking Kitzsteinhorn Mountain. The hosts helped us with some great local insights on what weather to expect and what to wear.

They serve their breakfast on the terrace with nice weather, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The hosts are super friendly and helpful people, they made us feel really welcome! There’s enough parking space directly in front of the pension in case you are coming by car. As mentioned, this accommodation comes with the Zell am See-Kaprun Summer Card which allows free admission to the most popular attractions, as well as discounts at several partners.

Breakfast view from Pension Jaga Hias in Kaprun Austria

Anyone who loves hiking in the mountains is gonna love Kaprun in Austria. Nature is simply breathtaking, with the intense turquoise colors of the Klammsee and the snow-covered tips of the surrounding mountains. The perfect 3-day hiking getaway from city life in summer to breathe in some of that fresh mountain air.

The perfect 3 day hiking trip in Kaprun during summer

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