Popular hangout spots & cafes in Hanoi
Experience limestone mountains, expansive rice fields, and quaint riverboat rides in Ninh Binh Tam Coc on your 3-week Vietnam Itinerary

The Best Places to Travel for Your First Time in Vietnam

3-week vietnam itinerary Ninh Binh
Must-see sights in the old town of Hanoi during your 3-week vietnam itinerary

How Long Do You Need in Vietnam?

Hoi An enchanting ancient town in Vietnam with colonial architecture

Vietnam Itinerary Suggestions

Here are some Vietnam itinerary suggestions based on your available time:

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Where to start your Vietnam trip: North or South?

First-Time Vietnam Checklist & Travel Tips

First-Time Vietnam Checklist

Best time to travel to Vietnam

Best times to visit different parts of Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Tips | Check Visa Requirements

Vietnam travel tips A Complete Trip Planning Guide for first timers

Check with your doctor for consideration:

Vietnam Travel Tips on Scams & Safety

Is Vietnam Safe?

Vietnam Travel Tips | Get Travel Insurance

The Ultimate Southeast Asia Packing List What To Pack & Wear

What To Pack For Vietnam?

Essential clothing for your Vietnam expedition includes:

Useful Gear for your Vietnam Adventures:

For tips on clothing and a more in-depth packing list check out our complete guide on what to pack for Vietnam.

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Vietnam Travel Tips Costs Of Travelling In Vietnam
Travel Tips on Accommodations in Vietnam
3-weeks in Vietnam the perfect itinerary from north to south
Hue Abandoned Waterpark with the dragon head in Vietnam is a must-visit
Hue the ancient capital of Vietnam a must-see on your 3-week Vietnam Itinerary

Vietnam Travel Tips: How To Get Around Vietnam? 

Opting to travel overnight is a popular choice for backpackers in Vietnam, particularly given the considerable distances involved. Traveling at night can be advantageous, saving both time and money as you can skip booking accommodation for that night. However, it’s important to note that not all night travel experiences are equally comfortable.

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Buses serve as the primary mode of transportation throughout Vietnam, offering an economical and widely accessible travel option. The extensive network of routes spans across the entire road network, connecting cities and towns nationwide. 

However, the quality of bus companies varies significantly. Our journey on VIP buses with 20 sleeper seats from Hanoi to Sapa was a luxurious and enjoyable experience. On the other hand, the Sleeper bus with 34 seats from Sapa to Halong Bay was a challenging ride, and we advise against it, though it’s often the only option for that route.

Many bus companies feature three rows of bunk beds stacked on two levels. The beds, enclosed in plastic casings, can be restrictive, especially for tall passengers. Typically lacking onboard toilets, these buses make regular restroom stops that may disrupt the journey. Unless you’re strictly adhering to a tight budget, consider keeping an eye out for upgraded ‘VIP’ buses for a more comfortable travel experience.

Motorbiking in Vietnam

Taxis/grab for getting around town

All the essential Vietnam travel tips & practical Information you need
Bargaining & Haggling is a common custom in Vietnam check our travel tips for everything you need to know
3-week Vietnam Itinerary experiencing the amazing limestone formations and emerald waters of Ha Long Bay

Best Tours in Vietnam



Sapa Village Trekking in Vietnam

Cultural Tips for Vietnam

Travel tips for crossing the street in Vietnam
Options for extending your Vietnam Itinerary & Travel Tips

Practical Booking Resources

TRANSPORTATION | For booking ferry, bus, and train rides online, we recommend using the website 12go. This platform has been our go-to across Asia, saving us from the hassle of queuing at travel agencies or bus stations. If you’re traveling during peak season, consider booking tickets ahead, some routes in Vietnam can get booked out quickly.

ACCOMMODATION | Finding affordable places to stay in Vietnam is a breeze with Booking.com. It’s the ideal platform to discover budget-friendly hostels and hotels.

FLIGHTS | Discover the best flight deals to Vietnam on Skyscanner. We love that they highlight the days with the cheapest prices for a destination, and the ability to search by month or region for flexibility.

TRAVEL INSURANCE | When it comes to travel insurance, especially for backpacking in Vietnam, consider Heymondo. It’s our top recommendation for comprehensive and trustworthy coverage.

INTERNET | Secure reliable internet access for your Vietnam trip with Airalo. Simply install it on your eSIM-compatible smartphone before your journey.

TOURS & ATTRACTIONS | For the best and most affordable city tours, day trip excursions, food tours, and cooking classes in Vietnam, check out GetYourGuide or Viator.

VISA ORGANIZATION | Before your trip, ensure you check the visa requirements for your passport nationality. Explore details on travel documents at iVisa.com.

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