From the stunning Moorish architecture, and vibrant souks to the mouthwatering food and Instagram-worthy rooftop terraces, there are plenty of things to do in magical Marrakech. But what truly makes your trip to this Moroccan city unforgettable is by staying in a picture-perfect riad inside the Medina. There are many beautiful places to stay in Marrakech, from bed & breakfasts to luxury hotels. However, nothing beats the unique experience of staying in one of the best riads in Marrakech. Riads are traditional Moroccan houses centered around an interior garden or courtyard, often with a water element such as a fountain. So if you want to experience a genuine authentic stay during your trip to Marrakech in Morocco, we recommend staying in a riad instead of a hotel.

Now the question remains which area in the Medina is the best to stay in? What is actually a riad and why should you stay there rather than a hotel? And the hardest part is choosing one since there is a myriad of incredible riads available. That’s why we listed the best riads in Marrakech for every type of budget. We will explain what you can expect at each riad so that you can pick one that suits your preference and budget.

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Stay in a traditional riad in the heart of the medina of Marrakech Morocco

What is a traditional Moroccan riad?

The best way to fully soak up the atmosphere of Marrakech is by staying in a traditional riad somewhere in the heart of the medina. A riad is an authentic Moroccan house, often family-run. Sometimes these houses are hundreds of years old, characterized by unique designs and interesting history. Many riads are the former homes of wealthy merchants or traders, lavishly decorated with colorful tiles, cushions, and lounges. Often they look like little palaces, hidden behind wooden doors and mud walls, tucked away in hidden alleys. From the outside, most of the buildings in the medina look the same, with basic architecture in sandy color. However don’t be fooled by the exterior, you never know what palace you might find behind these doors. An oriental dream awaits you, filled with colorful tile patterns, cozy piles of pillows, and luscious greenery.

Staying in a riad is the best way to experience Morrocan architecture firsthand. They are usually built in a way that all the rooms are connected to the central courtyard. The word riad derives from the Arab word ‘ryad’ which actually means garden. Most courtyards are designed with symmetrical opulent tilework, featuring original Zellige, also known as Islamic geometrics. The inner courtyards are focused around a central swimming pool or fountain and flanked by citrus trees or lush palms. Even in hot summers, these central courtyards remain cool. The perfect secluded oasis to come home to at the end of a day full of exploring. We recommend choosing a riad inside the medina, so you can easily seek refuge from the hustling medina when it’s getting too hot. Many riads also feature a cozily decorated rooftop terrace, perfect for relaxing or enjoying the views of Marrakech. 

Breakfast & dinner at the best riads in Marrakech Morocco

Why stay at a riad instead of a hotel?

You will find riads in all kinds of styles, from trendy to traditional, from glamorous to boho. Many are like true pieces of art with exquisite decorations and details. Most of them feature amenities like the mentioned courtyards, but also cozy rooftop terraces, communal seating areas with a fireplace, hammam, and a relaxing pool.

What I love the most about staying in a riad, is the warmth and genuine Moroccan cultural feeling you get, which often misses in a hotel. You will be able to fully immerse into a traditional and authentic atmosphere while enjoying exquisite comfort. So it’s definitely an experience you don’t want to miss out on! We guarantee that spending time in a riad will be an unforgettable and unique experience. 

As a riad is much smaller than your typical hotel, and it only houses a handful of guests at a time. Since riads are often family-run, there is more of a personal relationship with the riad host. This is also another reason we recommend staying in a riad rather than a hotel. Riad hosts can make a huge difference in your Marrakech stay, as they take the time to give you their personal recommendations, fix drivers if needed, and share the best off-the-beaten places and restaurants. But most of all share their personal knowledge so you won’t get ripped off as a tourist. Unfortunately, Marrakech is known as a place where scams can happen, so a riad host can come in handy to negotiate fair deals for you.

Tajine dinner at Dar Attajmil
Picture by Dar Attajmil

Breakfast & dinner at your riad

There are riads available for every kind of budget, however, many of them seem quite affordable for the incredible service, experience, and rooms you get. Upon arrival in your riad, it’s customary to be greeted with traditional Moroccan mint tea. The tradition of having mint tea in Morocco is a deep-rooted tradition of hospitality. Tea is poured by the host, often prepared by the head (men) of the house. A tradition passed down through generations. Expert tea pourers can pour from an ornate teapot to a small glass from a meter away. Usually, Moroccan breakfast is included when you stay at a riad. A traditional breakfast includes Moroccan bread, with cheese, honey, fruits, local pastries, and of course some famous fresh mint tea.

Many riads also offer the possibility to enjoy a dinner at their place. It’s advised to request this a day upfront since many dishes need some time to prepare. You can enjoy some of the best authentic dishes at your own riad. Usually, they serve it in the middle of the courtyard, which is nicely decorated with candles in the evening. Or at their rooftop terrace from where you can enjoy some magnificent views of the Medina. If you prefer to venture out to a restaurant, Marrakech is known for its amazing food scene and stunning restaurant settings. Make sure to check out our guide on the best restaurants and rooftop bars in Marrakech.

Which area to stay for the best riads in Marrakech

Are you wondering what area is the best to stay in Marrakech? Each neighborhood in the city has its own unique vibe, and it depends on what you are looking for during your holiday. Do you want to stay close to the main highlights, indulge in decadent dining, or have a relaxing stay near luxurious spas and hammams?

Find the best riads in Marrakech in the Medina

The best place to stay in Marrakech is arguably in the beating heart of it all, the Medina. This is the old town of the city within the red walls, where you will find most of the main sights and the vibrant souks. The historic neighborhood is the best choice for anyone that is visiting Marrakech for the first time. The medina is easily walkable and you will be close to most restaurants and rooftop cafés. Most of the best-rated riads in Marrakech have a great location not far from one of the main highlights and cozy restaurants. Check out our guide with all the top things to do in Marrakech during your trip.

Given that many streets in the medina are too narrow for cars, the airport taxi will likely drop you off on the edge of the old town. Riads normally send someone to help you with your luggage and guide you through the many alleyways. The old town of Marrakech is infamous for its labyrinth layout, which makes it inevitable not to get lost at one point in its maze of narrow streets.

TIP | Learn how to get back to your hotel or Riad from a popular landmark like Djemma el-Fna (the main square). If local people see that you are lost they might try to help you get back to your stay. However, it does happen that they will lead you in circles and ask for an (unreasonable) fee.

Other areas to stay in Marrakech

Kasbah | If you are a history enthusiast, you will love the Kasbah area of Marrakech. Technically this is a sub-area of the Medina, located near the south gate. It almost feels like time stood still here. The Saadian tombs and El Badi palace are just within walking distance. Riads in this area of Marrakech are more limited and go for average prices.

Gueliz | This neighborhood is located west of the medina, which is still easily reachable by foot. The trendy and chic Gueliz area is known for its many bars and restaurants and is beloved among young people. Often referred to as the European quarter, Gueliz is perfect for those who want to experience some nightlife. So anyone who wants to enjoy a drink and party on rooftop bars spends their holidays here. Hotels and apartment-style accommodations are the most common lodging here and room rates are rather affordable. Popular sights in the Gueliz area are the Majorelle Gardens and Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Hivernage | This upscale neighborhood is for those who prefer to stay at a luxurious hotel. Those who love spending time shopping at high-end fashion stores and eating at fine-dining restaurants will undoubtedly have a good time here.

Agdal | This area is located south of the medina and is perfect for budget travelers, you will find a handful of hostels here.

Palmeraie | This neighborhood north of the city is perfect for all adventure seekers. Many palm trees and sandy areas make the Palmeraie perfect for golf courses, camel rides, and quad tours. The Palmeraie is located a bit further away from all the main highlights, so you will need to take a cab to get to the Medina. Accommodations in this area are a bit more on the expensive side

Marvel at Ben Youssef Madrasa and its reflecting pools in Marrakech

Best riads to stay in Marrakech

When picking the best riads to stay in Marrakech and get the most out of your trip, it’s important to look at its location, amenities, and price. That’s where we come in, in this guide we will help you to pick the best riad for your stay in Marrakech. We will elaborate on what to expect from each riad, so it’s easier for you to pick a favorite depending on your needs and budget.

Below you can find a few of our personal recommendations, where we had the pleasure of staying during our visit, as well as other gorgeous riads that we researched thoroughly. We personally stayed at Riad Samsara, Riad Kasbah & Riad Villa Almeria, for which you can find a more thorough review. Every single riad has a stunning design, and top ratings based on the price-quality ratio, comfort, and hospitality. No matter what your budget is, you can even find small palaces for an affordable price inside the medina. Nonetheless, we picked out the best riads in Marrakech per budget category. We defined the budget category for riads under €80 per night, mid-range between €80-€150 a night, and luxury above €150 per night. Ready for a magical experience inside a riad?

Disclaimer: These pricing categories serve only as a guide, as prices might always fluctuate depending on availability, room size, time of the year, and other variables.

Best Budget Riads In Marrakech (under €80/night)

Riad l’Oiseau du Paradis

Riad l'Oiseau du Paradis Inner courtyard with pool, one of the best budget riads in Marrakech
Picture by Riad l’Oiseau du Paradis

A beautiful small oasis only a few minutes away from the main square. Riad l’Oiseau du Paradis is perfectly located in the heart of the Medina, with everything within walking distance. The premise offers a calm and peaceful ambiance to relax at the end of the day away from the bustling city. When entering the riad you are welcomed by a warm and friendly staff that goes above and beyond to accommodate their guest’s needs. No doubt that their service will make your stay in Marrakech even more memorable. It’s possible to have an airport shuttle service arranged, and they can guide you in navigating through the city.

The decor of the riad is absolutely tasteful and clean, decorated in traditional Moroccan style with carved wooden furniture. An inner courtyard with a seating area and a pool is the perfect place to unwind when the city gets too warm in the afternoon. If you want to fully relax, you can request a massage and an on-site hammam is available for the guests. Further, you can find a gorgeous rooftop terrace that offers views of the Koutoubia Mosque. Delicious breakfast is included each morning, and it’s also possible to enjoy a traditional dinner on the patio upon request. 

Guest room at Riad l'Oiseau du Paradis
Picture by Riad l’Oiseau du Paradis

Price | from €58 per night

Location | 27 Derb Cherrata Arset El Houta, Medina, 44000 Marrakech, Morocco

Area | Medina, 10 minute-walk from Bahia Palace, Dar Si Said & Mellah Neighbourhood

Features | Swimming pool – Spa and Wellness Centre – Restaurant & Bar – Airport Shuttle – Family Rooms – Breakfast

BOOK NOW | Book a room at Riad l’Oiseau du Paradis, one of the best budget riads in Marrakech.

Riad Agathe

Riad Agathe Inner Courtyard
Picture by Riad Agathe

The aesthetics of Riad Agathe’s patio are absolutely stunning. Sublime turquoise tiling, wooden doors in matching colors, and mustard yellow accents that contrast beautifully. This accommodation is perfect for young couples that want to be located central to exploring the main highlights and restaurants. Perfectly to get back for a break after an all-day wandering for enjoying the fountain and lounge area on the patio. The rooms are clean and minimalistic designed, furnished with a seating area. In the morning a wonderful continental breakfast is served. Furthermore, guests can also request local or international dishes.

Riad Agathe Rooftop Terrace
Picture by Riad Agathe

Many guests rave about the host who is very attentive and helpful with recommendations. The overall service sounds impeccable, providing everything you need for a comfortable stay. If you are interested the property can also arrange tours or excursions to the desert or Atlas Mountains. Because what is a visit to Marrakech without having seen its magnificent sand dunes?

Price | from €68 per night

Location | Marrakech 254 Rue, Rue Riad Laarous, Marrakesh 40030, Morocco

Area | Medina, 7 minute-walk from Dar El Bacha Museum, Le Jardin Secret & Ben Youssef Madrasa

Features | Airport Shuttle – Family Rooms – Breakfast

BOOK NOW | Book a room at Riad Agathe, one of the best budget riads in Marrakech.

Riad Carina

Riad Carina Rooftop Terrace with swimming pool, one of the best budget riads in Marrakech
Picture by Riad Carina

Tucked away in a peaceful alley, yet conveniently located to access all the main highlights and some wonderful restaurants. The beautiful Riad Carina is the perfect base to explore this vibrant Moroccan city. Many of the bustling souks and markets are only a ten-minute walk away. Better yet, its charming rooftop lounge looks right over El Badi Palace. This charming traditional Berber-style riad is decorated with natural materials in terracotta colors and gorgeous wooden furniture. All of the spacious rooms are furnished in the same rustic Berber style, with earth colors and terracotta tones. 

You will be welcomed in a characterful and authentic setting. After entering the building you will pass a cozy patio with a seating area, perfect to relax and socialize. However, its main showstopper is without a doubt the rooftop terrace with its cozy lounge and refreshing swimming pool. Relax under the beautiful flowered pergola or shady olive trees when the Moroccan heat starts to warm up. Breakfast is usually served on the terrace, as well as a traditional Moroccan mint tea or a delicious dinner on request. It’s even possible to book a Hammam or massage. Overall nothing but praise for the amazing staff that is caring and very accommodating.

Riad Carina Inner Courtyard
Picture by Riad Carina

Price | from €49 per night

Location | 76 Derb Touareg، Rue Berrima, Marrakesh 40040, Morocco

Area | Kasbah, located next to El Badi Palace, Place des Ferblantiers and Mellah neighborhood.

Features | Swimming pool – Restaurant – Airport Shuttle – Family Rooms – Breakfast

BOOK NOW | Book a room at Riad Carina, one of the best budget riads in Marrakech.

Riad Matins De Marrakech 

Riad Matins De Marrakech Rooftop Lounge
Picture by Riad Matins De Marrakech

Marrakech’s many alleys are known to be chaotic, but once you close the door of Riad Matins de Marrakech, you will find yourself in a tranquil oasis. A beautiful tiled patio, colorful stained-glass lamps, and windows give character to the riad’s decor. The accommodation offers a big rooftop terrace where you can enjoy the afternoon in the traditional Moroccan-style lounge or refresh yourself in the plunge pool.

Riad Matins De Marrakech Rooftop terrace with plunge pool
Picture by Riad Matins De Marrakech

Besides, it’s the beautiful interior, reviews of this riad rave about the staff’s hospitality and knowledge. Also, the versatile breakfast deserves quite a praise, which is supposedly impressive and different every day, served on the rooftop terrace. The cozy rooms are spotlessly clean and comfortable, with fresh linen and towels daily. If you don’t feel like going out in the evening for dinner, the riad happily prepares you a wonderful meal.

Riad Matins De Marrakech Guest Room
Picture by Riad Matins De Marrakech

Price | from €55 per night

Location | N°210 Rue Ank Jemel, Marrakesh 40030, Morocco

Area | Medina, a 10-minute walk from Ben Youssef Madrasa & Maison de la Photographie

Features | Swimming pool – Restaurant – Airport Shuttle – Family Rooms – Breakfast

BOOK NOW | Book a room at Riad Matins De Marrakech for during your stay in Marrakech.

Riad Assala

Riad Assala Inner Courtyard
Picture by Riad Assala

If you are looking for a luxurious feeling at an affordable price in Marrakech, Riad Assala might be the place for you. This historic building dates back to the 17th century and is located right in the heart of the Medina. With a traditional Moroccan backdrop decor, this riad is furnished with contemporary pieces & home decor. The riad houses two courtyards, of which one is almost entirely filled with a swimming pool. Guests can enjoy some fantastic facilities such as a relaxing sauna at the hammam and a sunbathing area on the rooftop.

Intricate detailing can be found on the soaring high ceilings of the comfortable and beautifully decorated rooms. Riad Assala is perfectly positioned in the medina, and some of the most vibrant souks are right around the corner. Even though it is located inside the madness of Marrakech, calmness surrounds you when entering the Riad. The staff is very supportive and will assist with any of your questions with a big smile. Surely they will make your experience even more memorable!

Riad Assala Guest Room
Picture by Riad Assala

Price | from €52 per night

Location | Abdel Azziz, 8, Derb Ouaihah, Sidi Ahmed Soussi, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Area | Medina, 2 minutes walk from the vibrant Souks & Le Jardin Secret

Features | Spa & Wellness center – Bar – Airport Shuttle – Family Rooms – Breakfast

BOOK NOW | Book a room at Riad Assala, one of the best budget riads in Marrakech.

Dar Attajmil

Dar Attajmil Inner Courtyard
Picture by Dar Attajmil

This lovely traditional riad is located right near the Bab Laksour entrance and is only a 2-minute walk away from the famous Jemaâ El Fna Square. Dar Attajmil offers a cozy rooftop terrace lounge planted with flowers from where you can admire the surrounding medina and the Atlas Mountains in the background. A lovely spot to watch the sun go down while savoring a homemade tagine with candlelight. The inner courtyard is decorated with lounge chairs where you can sit back and relax in the shade of the surrounding banana trees. Relaxing facilities such as a massage and hammam are at hand, but those who like to learn more about Moroccan cuisine can take part in a cookery class.

Dar Attajmil Rooftop Terrace
Picture by Dar Attajmil

Dar Attajmil’s guestrooms have beautiful traditional Moroccan designs in sand and terracotta colors. In the morning you can indulge in a delicious continental breakfast, with homemade crepes, freshly baked bread, and eggs provided by the property’s farm. The staff at Dar Attajmil is extremely friendly and goes out of their way to help you out. Whether you need tips on what to do, advice on prices, or giving directions. Fresh mint tea is offered upon arrival according to customs.

Price | from €78 per night

Location | 23 Rue el Ksour, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Area | Medina, a 5-minute walk from Jemaa el-Fnaa

Features | Restaurant & Bar – Airport Shuttle – Family Rooms – Breakfast

BOOK NOW | Book a room at Dar Attajmil for during your stay in Marrakech

Best Mid-Range Riads In Marrakech (between €80-€150/night)

Riad Samsara

Riad Samsara Inner Courtyard, one of the best mid-range riads in Marrakech
Picture by Riad Samsara

Riad Samsara was the very first riad we stayed at during our Marrakech visit, and we couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to Moroccan hospitality. The warm-hearted staff and hostess Jacqueline made us feel right at home in their beautiful authentic decorated riad. In all honesty, of the three riads we stayed, this one remained the most memorable. Upon arrival, we were immediately in total awe of the place. Although we arrived early in the morning, we were greeted with a delicious Moroccan breakfast and traditional mint tea. Soon we were already able to install ourselves in our room (although we only booked for later that night). 

Riad Samsara Guest Room
Picture by Riad Samsara
Interior of Riad Samsara, one of the best mid-range riads in Marrakech

The traditional ornate decor of Riad Samsara feels absolutely luxurious. From the beautiful tiling to the intricate wooden carved ceilings, lavishly silk cushions, and homey feeling of the lounge areas. The moment you arrive you are welcomed by the fragrance of the mandarin trees inside the courtyard. Every time I now smell the fragrance of orange blossom, it takes me back to my stay at Riad Samsara. There are two dining rooms on each side of the courtyard where you can enjoy an authentic traditional home-cooked meal, prepared by Milouda. Good to know is that they can also prepare vegetarian options if you notify them upfront.

We stayed in the Hibiscus suite, which comes with a queen size bed and a lovely seating area. You can really tell how much effort and detail they put into the decoration of the rooms (interior design goals!). The bathroom also felt absolutely luxurious, as everything was done in marble. One of our favorite areas to spend time at the end of the day was the rooftop terrace, where you have a pleasant lounge. Here you can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the morning, cozily in the rising sun. The breakfast consists of all the typical Moroccan staples from Msemen with honey and cheese, to Khobz with eggs and fruit jams.

Location of Riad Samsara

The riad is located in the northwest inside the medina walls, so not the tourist quarter of the city. However, you will be able to experience a more local kind of life when you step outside the door as you are in the midst of Moroccan life. All in all, it’s not too far from some main highlights such as Ben Youssef Madrasa that’s only a good 10 minutes away. Also, the Jardin Majorelle & Yves Saint Laurent museum aren’t too far away. There are some local markets and souks along the way to Jemaa el-Fnaa, which you might otherwise miss out on. 

The staff can also arrange a wide range of activities in and around Marrakech in cooperation with their tour partners. Good to know is that if you are heading towards the Atlas mountains, they also have a property there called Douar Samra, where you can experience true Berber hospitality.

Riad Samsara Rooftop Terrace
Picture by Riad Samsara

Price | from €80 per night

Location | 6 Derb El Arsa, Marrakesh 40008, Morocco

Area | Northwest of the Medina, close to Bab Taghzout gate. A 12-minute walk from Ben Youssef Madrasa, a 20-minute walk from Jardin Majorelle

Features | Restaurant – Airport Shuttle – Family Rooms – Breakfast

BOOK NOW | Book a room at Riad Samsara, one of the best mid-range riads in Marrakech.

Riad Kasbah & Spa

Riad Kasbah Inner Courtyard
Picture by Riad Kasbah

After we spend some time in the Atlas Mountains & Sahara desert, we spend a few nights at Riad Kasbah & Spa. Compared to the traditional riads, Riad Kasbah opted for a stark design with white walls contrasting with dark wooden doorframes. It almost has a Spanish-European feel to it, but you can definitely see Moroccan touches in the detailing such as the placement of antique pictures and artifacts.

Interior of Riad Kasbah

A large pool dominates their central courtyard, which is fairly bigger than I have seen anywhere else. Around you can find multiple comfy seating areas to relax, as well as on their rooftop patio which offers spectacular views of the city. On a day with an open sky, you can admire the imposing Atlas mountains from the lounge up there. During the evening it’s the perfect spot to see the lighted Koutoubia Mosque and listen to the chants coming from prayer.

Riad Kasbah Guest Room
Picture by Riad Kasbah

In comparison to for example Riad Samsara which only has 3 rooms, Riad Kasbah is definitely bigger. This also shows in the feeling that you get staying there, it’s less personal and homey, more of a small hotel vibe. So to me personally, it did miss a bit of that authentic feeling. The whole place is absolutely gorgeous though, and there is one Instagram-worthy picture spot after another. I believe over time this riad also evolved more as a popular Instagram riad. 

The room’s decor is sleek and clean, more on the minimalistic side. It leans more towards a modern design and accommodates more for those who look for a hotel room feeling. Our room was on the ground floor right next to the pool, so you do get a bit of noise.

Breakfast & dinner at Riad Kasbah & Spa, one of the best mid-range riads in Marrakech
Riad Kasbah Breakfast by the pool

For breakfast, you can opt to have it on the roof terrace or on the side of the pool which was my favorite spot. The breakfast itself was delicious and filling, with a choice of hot drinks, fresh juice, freshly baked bread & pancakes, pastries, and homemade cake, and the choice of eggs. After a breakfast like that, you will definitely be set for the day. 

We also opted to have dinner one evening, which is served at the side of the pool. It’s absolutely a lovely & romantic sight, as they decorate the whole courtyard with candles. Want to learn how to make a traditional tajine yourself? You can have a hands-on experience of how to make these delicious dishes during one of their cooking classes.

Location of Riad Kasbah & Spa

Riad Kasbah is located in the Kasbah area, the more southern part of the medina towards the Saadian tombs. So perfectly located for venturing out to see all the historic highlights. The riad itself is definitely a little piece of heaven, its patio with pool is perfect to slow down from the roaring streets. Riad Kasbah also offers all kinds of beauty treatments and massages at their Zeina spa, perfect to unwind. Because once outside you are situated in quite the busy street. It felt more like a local bazaar or souk, which was really interesting to see.

Riad Kasbah Rooftop Terrace
Picture by Riad Kasbah

Price | from €92 per night

Location | 101, derb Harbil Quartier Kasbah, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Area | Kasbah, 2 minutes walk from the Saadian Tombs & El Badi Palace

Features | Swimming pool – Restaurant & Bar – Spa and wellness center – Airport Shuttle – Breakfast

BOOK NOW | Book a room at Riad Kasbah, one of the best mid-range riads in Marrakech.

Riad Villa Almeria Hotel & Spa

Riad Almeria Guest Room
Picture by Riad Almeria

Our third and final stay in Marrakech was at Riad Villa Almeria. Unfortunately, we only spend one night here, we would have loved to stay longer! This riad was definitely an unexpected surprise, as we just booked it last minute for our final night. Did we get pleasantly surprised with the rooftop heaven we encountered!

Interior of the riad & room

The whole property is really colorfully, yet tastefully and stylishly decorated. In the inner courtyard, you can find some playful interior items such as a swing and human size bird cage. The scent of orange blossom fills the whole riad, my favorite! However, its main selling point is without a doubt the oasis on the rooftop. It almost feels like you are transported to Ibiza or a Greek island. You will find many sun beds on one side, and a comfy lounge in the shade on the other. The outdoor swimming pool with a view of El Badi palace is perfect to cool off. We spend a whole afternoon here, relaxing after an intense city sightseeing & desert trekking week. There is a bar & restaurant area right next to the pool that serves some amazing smoothies and cocktails!

Each and every single room is super spacious, almost suite-like, and uniquely decorated with its own themes & colors. As we had an early flight in the morning we weren’t able to enjoy their continental breakfast, however, the staff was so sweet to prepare us a little on-the-go snack! We did stay for dinner the night before, which we savored in their restaurant area on the rooftop. Their traditional tajines were some of the best we had during the entire trip. So it’s safe to say we had a wonderful ending at Riad Villa Almeria for our Marrakech trip.

Location of the riad

The only thing to keep in mind is that this riad is located away from the tourist area. It’s still within the Kasbah neighborhood, but at the most southern part of Quartier de Berrima. El Badi Palace is the closest sight, after a ten-minute walk and Jemaa el-Fnaa is 20 minutes away. However, this didn’t bother us at all, since the walk towards the busy center is really beautiful, where you will encounter small cozy streets that you otherwise wouldn’t visit.

Riad Almeria Rooftop Lounge
Picture by Riad Almeria

Price | from €118 per night

Location | 54 Bis Derb Zemrane, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Area | Kasbah, South of the medina, a 10-minute walk from El Badi Palace

Features | Swimming pool – Restaurant & Bar – Spa and wellness center – Airport Shuttle – Family rooms – Breakfast

BOOK NOW | Book a room at Riad Villa Almeria for during your stay in Marrakech. NOTE: It seems that currently, you can only book the whole villa instead of separate rooms.

Riad Palais Calipau

Riad Palais Calipau Inner Courtyard
Picture by Riad Palais Calipau

A gorgeous bright inner courtyard welcomes you with a central swimming pool & lush greenery. The whole decor of Riad Palais Calipau simply exudes calmness and serenity. Surrounded by orange trees, you feel like entering a peaceful sanctuary. The courtyard is encircled by beautiful arches that lead you to quaint little seating areas. All the rooms are very spacious & traditionally decorated but with each their own style. Some are decorated with the traditional blue tiling, whereas others have more natural earth tones.

Riad Palais Calipau Rooftop Terrace
Picture by Riad Palais Calipau

Many guests rave about the festive enormous breakfast, which is almost too much to finish. So definitely great value for its price! Onsite basic hammam and massage are available for guests. The staff is very helpful and welcoming, always ready to assist with tips and recommendations. Located in the old town in the Kasbah neighborhood, you can easily reach El Badi Palace and the Saadian tombs, also some souks & the Mellah area aren’t that far.

Riad Palais Calipau Guest Room
Picture by Riad Palais Calipau

Price | from €89 per night

Location | 14 Derb Ben Zina Marrakech 40 000, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Area | Kasbah, 2 minutes walk from the Saadian Tombs & El Badi Palace

Features | Swimming pool – Restaurant & Bar – Spa and wellness center – Family rooms – Airport Shuttle – Breakfast

BOOK NOW | Book a room at Riad Palais Calipau, one of the best mid-range riads in Marrakech.

Riad Azzar

Riad Azzar Inner Courtyard with pool
Picture by Riad Azzar

Riad Azzar is a comfortable & tranquil sanctuary in the ancient medina of Marrakech. The elegant courtyard with a plunge pool surrounded by banana trees and lush plants creates a peaceful atmosphere. Beautiful Moorish architectural details such as the arcades, alcoves, and cedar wooden doors add to the charm of this stunning riad. You will feel immediately at home in this quaint small-scaled riad. Furnished in soothing colors and comfortable lounge areas with books and music set a calming ambiance.

Riad Azzar Lounge Area
Picture by Riad Azzar

Find yourself on the rooftop terrace where you can sunbathe in privacy, enjoy some shade in the lounge area, or open-air dining under the stars. This area of the riad is definitely most favored by guests during their stay. Riad Azzar serves breakfast here as well, and if you fancy a drink during the day they have a bar at hand. As the riad is located right in the center, the most beloved souks like Souk Semmarine are right around the corner. In this area, you can also find the most popular rooftop restaurants such as Nomad & Café Des Épices. Curious about what other rooftop terraces can be found around the area? Make sure to check out our guide on the best restaurants in Marrakech.

Price | from €136 per night

Location | 94 Derb Moulay Abdelkader, Derb Dabachi, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Area | Medina, around the corner from the most famous Souk Semmarine, near Jemaa el Fnaa

Features | Swimming pool – Restaurant & bar – Airport Shuttle – Breakfast

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Best Luxury Riads In Marrakech (above €150/night)

Dar Kandi

Dar Kandi Inner Courtyard
Picture by Dar Kandi

A boutique hotel-style riad set in a historic property, conveniently located near central medina in a quiet alley. Dar Kandi’s mission was to create the atmosphere of a boutique hotel with traditional Moroccan characteristics. The renovation of the riad was done using local materials such as marble, cedar wood, and Zelige from Fes. Every room feels like a small palace, immaculately decorated with Moroccan furniture. You can see how much detail went into the new design while keeping the original charm.

Dar Kandi Guest Room
Picture by Dar Kandi

Their rooftop terrace is the main selling point, with an outdoor plunge pool and comfortable lounge beds as the perfect sanctuary to relax. Dar Kandi is located west of the medina in a more upscale neighborhood, the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the medina. Their main goal is to provide a high-level personalized service to their guests. Starting with a wonderful breakfast every morning, to offering in-house hammam & massage facilities.

Dar Kandi Rooftop terrace with pool
Picture by Dar Kandi

Price | from €185 per night

Location | 215 Arset Aouzal Rd, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco 

Area | Medina, 5 minutes away from the main souks, Dar El Bacha Museum & Le Jardin Secret

Features | Swimming pool – Spa & Wellness – Restaurant – Family rooms – Airport Shuttle – Breakfast – Private Parking

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Dar Assiya

Dar Assiya Inner Courtyard
Picture by Dar Assiya

This property dates back to the 15th century and was the former residence of the nobility. Dar Assiya absolutely exudes luxury and feels like a small palace right in the heart of the medina. The riad’s courtyard has been decorated with class and sophistication throughout. Beautiful dark wooden carved ceilings and door frames, intricate tile-work, and luxurious lamps and cushions.

Dar Assiya Guest Room
Picture by Dar Assiya

The same goes for the rooms that have been exquisitely furnished in warm colors with an eye for detail. If you are looking for an intimate setting, Dar Assiya might be perfect for you as they only have 5 rooms.  Staff is known to be extremely helpful, going out of their way to assist its guests.

Dar Assiya Rooftop Terrace
Picture by Dar Assiya

Price | from €146 per night

Location | 20, Derb Ouali, Kaat Bennahid, Medina, 40000 Marrakech, Morocco

Area | Medina, right in the heart near all the main highlights

Features | Swimming pool – Restaurant & Bar  – Family rooms – Airport Shuttle – Breakfast

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Riad Kniza

Riad Kniza Swimming pool
Picture by Riad Kniza

This luxurious riad is set in an 18th-century Moroccan house. Decorated in traditional style, all the rooms throughout Riad Kniza feature carved wooden furniture and fireplaces. Guests can enjoy their wonderful swimming pool and facilities such as a sauna and steam bath. Rooms are decorated very tastefully and styled with an homage to traditional Moorish architecture. The main courtyard shows the fine detailing of Moroccan heritage and culture with its Zellig tiles. Staying in this riad truly feels like stepping into the past.

Riad Kniza Inner Courtyard
Picture by Riad Kniza

Breakfast is plentiful and either served on the rooftop terrace or in one of the ground-floor lounges near the fireplace. The staff is friendly and attentive, welcoming guests with mint tea and biscuits to make them feel right at home. The riad is located in a tranquil respite, away from the tourist area, around 20 minutes walk from Jemaa el Fna square.

Riad Kniza Guest Room
Picture by Riad Kniza

Price | from €190 per night

Location | 34 Derb l’Hotel Bab Doukala, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Area | Medina, north-west near Bab Doukkala gate, close to Jardin Majorelle & Yves Saint Laurent museum

Features | Swimming pool – Spa & Wellness Center – Restaurant & bar – Family rooms – Airport Shuttle – Breakfast – Free Private Parking

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Riad Le Farnatchi

Le Farnatchi Suite Guest Room
Picture by Le Farnatchi

If you feel like splurging, there is no better place than Riad Le Farnatchi to have an outstanding Marrakech experience. Describing this sought-after property as refined and elegant is an understatement. Like other traditional riads, it boasts a central courtyard layout with Morrocan motifs, with a plunge pool taking center stage. A private hammam and spa have been recently added, elevating its guest’s experience to an even higher level. Many guests rave about their amazing hammam experience, and online it’s often referred to as one of the best in the city.

Le Farnatchi Inner Courtyard
Picture by Le Farnatchi
Breakfast & dinner at one of the best luxury riads in Marrakech

Indulge in an evening of the finest Moroccan cuisine at their restaurant Trou Au Mur across the street. The rooftop terrace lends itself to the perfect romantic dinner with wine and candlelight while enjoying the medina views. The spacious guest rooms have the typical Moroccan color palette with earth tones & terracotta hues, the bathrooms however are modern and sleek and made of the finest marble. Some of the suites have a private patio where it’s possible to enjoy breakfast. Otherwise, the pool is the ideal place the start the day with its delicious food. Luxurious carpets and intricately carved doors create visually relaxing lounge rooms. The staff will make sure that your visit to Marrakech will be an unforgettable experience, as their hospitality and friendliness are one of the riad’s highlights. The riad can organize a free pick-up from the airport, as well as private tours to the desert.

Le Farnatchi Rooftop Terrace
Picture by Le Farnatchi

Price | from €258 per night

Location | Derb el Farnatchi, Rue Souk el Fassis, Marrakesh, Morocco

Area | Medina, around the corner of Ben Youssef Madrasa & Maison de la Photographie

Features | Swimming pool – Spa & Wellness Center – Restaurant & bar – Family rooms – Airport Shuttle – Breakfast 

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The Best Riads in Marrakech for a Magical Stay

Dar Kandi seating area

We hope this guide to the best riads in Marrakech helped you out. Let us know upon which riad you ended up booking and how your experience was! We have no doubt that in whatever riad you decide to stay, you will have a magical Marrakech experience! You can show some ❤ and support for the blog and help us share more adventures! Our travels are entirely self-funded, so any show of support is greatly appreciated. It allows us to keep writing helpful travel guides and gather information to make it easier for people to discover the world.

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